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Janitorial Services Technologies


The cleaning industry has changed significantly. No longer will you see feather dusters, rags, mops, and buckets of dirty water. There are no longer any sticky notes or bottles of polish. Today, janitorial services use technology to automate the manual approach for cleaning professionals.

New technology is advancing janitorial services to make them more manageable, more proficient, and accessible. The cleaning industry has undergone some very new changes using innovative tools and processes that are changing the way a company's owner manages their business.

These are some of the new technologies being used in the cleaning industry.

Data and Metric Use

One significant new technology being used in janitorial services is data and metrics to improve operations. These uses provide up-to-the-minute information on supplies and schedules. It can also be used to provide a longer-term analysis of trends or patterns across the business. The janitorial services are experiencing tremendous benefits by feeding their data back into their process.

Software used in data and metrics saves a janitorial service effort, money, and time. The workplace data generated through the software creates management solutions and gives the team the capability to track their activities. This information can analyze, determine solutions to pain-point problems, and prevent issues before they occur.


Technology in janitorial services includes the use of robotics. There are janitorial robots, which are fully teachable and can remove the more tedious tasks expected from the cleaning staff. These robots allow the cleaning staff time to do a more thorough cleaning or more complex jobs. The robots are designed to clean the large surfaces that would take cleaning staff members hours to clean.

It is expected janitorial services or cleaning jobs will decrease ten percent by the year 2028.  Embracing automation with management software and robotic technology may become a necessity rather than a luxury.

The Changes Responsible for Changes in Janitorial Services

Office spaces are evolving as they are no longer the traditional individual office environment, but more the open-space office. Open space offices eliminate the cubicles, which were so common in the 90s.

Along with the look changing in the office, so are the work times. The nine to five office worker has almost disappeared. In some office environments, the manager doesn't request a day cleaning as there can be staff on duty twenty-four hours. This change means cleaning will be needed even when employees are still working.

Because of these new changes, janitorial services have had to use technology to change the equipment being used for cleaning:

  • Machines, especially carpet cleaners, need to operate much quieter

  • Apps are now used to indicate or sense where supplies or services are needed in a facility

  • Engineered water cleaning systems are replacing traditional chemicals. These systems electronically create cleaning solutions

  • Vacuum cleaners are now being designed with a more comprehensive cleaning path. These machines have the capability to clean and maneuver large office areas or group work settings

  • Battery operated equipment is now being designed with longer-lasting batteries for better versatility

It takes a continuous effort to keep janitorial services at the top of the game. New technologies continue to improve cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and environmental consciousness. New technology and innovations keep the cleaning industry moving at a faster pace and provide better services.

Where to Find Reliable Janitorial Services

CleanSpace Inc. offers numerous cleaning services. We use the newest equipment, porter service techniques, and commercial cleaning supplies to clean corporate buildings, shopping centers, small businesses, high rises, and more. We can provide you porter services for your parking lot maintenance, homeowner association services, or light building cleaning.

CleanSpace Inc. provides the best cleaning services with a promise to meet your expectations fully. Our trained cleaning staff is comprised of individuals who will give you their utmost care and deliver excellent results.

Innovative Cleaning Equipment 

Commercial cleaning services ensure your building smells great and looks great. These services can provide a wide range of cleaning tasks, from emptying your garbage cans to scrubbing and polishing your floors. These services can clean your windows and ensure dust does not remain on blinds or furniture. Commercial cleaning services will keep your buildings looking their best. A clean appearance will reflect on your reputation as customers will appreciate your clean environment.


What to Expect Through Commercial Cleaning Services


Using commercial cleaning services, such as CleanSpace Inc., you will receive unmatched cleaning results with our innovative cleaning equipment. We offer you the ability to monitor our cleaning staff as they perform the tasks you've requested. A dedicated mobile device will connect you to a 'live' upload; you can view and monitor to ensure you receive the best clean possible.

Through the monitoring options, you can issue new work orders should you need additional services done at any time through a quick and easy-to-use text or email service. Once the cleaning staff completes the job, you will be alerted to review the work and request modifications should you need them. This commercial cleaning services system allows you to focus on your customers while CleanSpace Inc. gets the cleaning done for you.

CleanSpace Inc. is a professional commercial cleaning service that knows a business has a budget to follow. Our services can be adapted to your financial limits while still providing a professional, great-looking clean. With our different commercial cleaning services packages, which range from standard to deluxe, you will get a clean facility through guaranteed quality services.

What is Available Through Commercial Cleaning Services

Studies show customers' patterns and employee productivity improve when they are in a clean and healthy environment. CleanSpace Inc. will ensure your business facility is healthy, safe, and clean. These services will be performed effectively with our professional staff, who will do whatever it takes to meet your expectations. The commercial cleaning services we offer include:

  • Pressure Cleaning- Using the latest innovative cleaning equipment and the best commercial cleaning supplies, we can perform pressure cleaning to ensure your building looks its best inside and out. 


  • Floor Care & Carpeting- We will help you maintain the look of your hard floor surfaces through a scheduled maintenance program. These commercial cleaning services can include floor stripping, refinishing, spray buffing, or high-speed burnishing. Carpet care is also available, so you can extend your carpeted areas' life and have them looking their very best. 


  • Electrostatic Sanitization- These are worrisome times, and clean spaces mean a healthier environment for your customers and employees. CleanSpace Inc. can provide various sanitation strategies for your business to keep customers coming back and giving your employees a safer environment to work in. 


  • Dryer & A/C Duct Cleaning- You will gain peace of mind when you know the air you, your employees, and your customers are breathing is quality clean air. CleanSpace Inc.'s innovative cleaning equipment is powerful enough to clean any duct system. We have a professionally trained team that can improve your HVACs system to make it more efficient, safer, healthier, and save you money. 


  • Janitorial Services- Our commercial cleaning services include janitorial services for homeowner associations, parking lot maintenance, high rises, office spaces, shopping centers, and more. We use the newest innovative cleaning equipment that will not only meet your high standards but will exceed the expectations you need to keep your buildings clean and looking their best. 


  • Other Commercial Cleaning Services- CleanSpace Inc. also offers:

    • Porter Services

    • Vacant Full Clean

    • Strip and Wax Services

    • Marble and Stone Polishing

    • And more

When you use CleanSpace Inc., commercial cleaning services, you get supervised cleaning with green cleaning practices using the latest in innovative cleaning equipment. We have no contracts and are not a franchise. You will appreciate our comprehensive commercial cleaning services by a professional team.

Commercial Cleaning Industry Trends 2021

Commercial cleaning industry trends for 2021 can help you create great customer service relations with high-quality work, but some of the tried and true classics should remain in place. According to a study funded by the United States Department of Labor, the commercial cleaning industry has a projected growth of more than 6% in some areas. This same study projects the expected growth is more than 11% in the State of Florida. The anticipation of this new growth means there are expected new commercial cleaning industry trends coming in 2021.

As you prepare for the future, commercial cleaning industry trends can put your services ahead of the competition as they recognize what customers are looking for. Here are some of the commercial cleaning industry trends you can implement into your services.

1. Commercial Cleaning Industry Trends Involve Cleaning for Coronavirus

Almost every industry has changed to some degree with the onset of COVID-19. Whether you are a property manager, school, bank, fitness center, or any type of office setting, cleaning standards to disinfect and prevent the spread of this disease has changed. One of the most significant commercial cleaning industry trends for 2021 is the focus on the cleanliness of all facilities and protection against the Coronavirus.

Commercial cleaning industry trends will include more frequent and more detailed cleaning. These cleaning practices will require more hands-on time than ever before. This trend is not going to go away once the threat of the virus has been minimized, it is most likely to be continued as cleaning protocols that will remain in place.

2. Commercial Cleaning Industry Trends Include Green Cleaning

There is increased attention being given to our climate issues, and the long-lasting impact of products and chemicals we use daily. Green cleaning is another significant commercial cleaning industry trend that will continue to expand. Products for green cleaning are expected to grow to more than $11 billion by the year 2029.

3. Commercial Cleaning Industry Trends Will Offer Services as Add-Ons

Many commercial cleaning companies will be adding services to their existing lists, such as basic facility maintenance, lawn care, window cleaning, or other cleaning tasks. The add-ons are a way of keeping your maintenance needs all with one provider to make it easier to manage and schedule. An all-on-one bundle saves customers time from having to deal with multiple companies and schedules.

4. Commercial Cleaning Industry Trends Include New Software Tools

Software tools play a powerful addition to cleaning companies. These tools allow the company to streamline work orders, change and create bids, manage inspections, track employee performance, and much more. The year 2021 will see more efficient, accurate, faster, and profitable software coming into use in the commercial cleaning industry.

5. Commercial Cleaning Industry Trends for 2021 Involve More Communication with Clients

COVID-19 has changed many aspects of everyone's life. This virus has also impacted how we will clean and sanitize our facilities and also how we communicate with clients. Everyone wants to have assurance on how a cleaning company cleans, what products they use, how their employees are trained, and how frequent areas are being cleaned.

Cleaning companies will now want to have an open and frequent line of conversation with clients so there are no questions or fears about how clean their facility is for employees and themselves. Commercial cleaning industry trends will include detailing their work and making it clear what and how tasks have been performed.

Where to Learn More About  Commercial Cleaning Industry Trends

CleanSpace Inc. has been providing commercial cleaning since 2011 in Central and South Florida. We make it our mission to provide your facility with the best and up-to-date cleaning industry trends and provide excellent results. At CleanSpace Inc. our employees display the most professional and best attitude you will find in the industry. We are here to meet your every expectation.

Boosting Employee Confidence with Commercial Cleaning Services

Your company's success is influenced by your employee's efficiency and productivity. Whether you own a large or small facility or operate a large or small school, your success is going to depend on the health of your employees.

Employee health relates to how efficiently they can perform their duties. Commercial cleaning services in your facility will ensure your employees are in a welcoming and healthy environment. When employees see you have put their care as a priority with commercial cleaning services, it will boost their confidence. 

How Commercial Cleaning Services Benefit Employee Health

COVID-19 has made all of us more aware of how easy it is to transmit germs when people work or gather too close to each other. Whether it is the virus or just the common cold when employees work in close proximity they will spread germs of various diseases or illnesses. 

Having commercial cleaning services in place, you ensure your employee's workstations and entire environment are cleaned appropriately to reduce or eliminate the risk of spreading unwanted germs. When you reduce the risk of spreading germs, your employees are less likely to get sick.

Knowing you care enough about their well-being to keep their work environment safe will boost your employee's confidence in you. They will work harder and more efficiently, which means greater success for your business.

Commercial Cleaning Services Reduces Distractions

If a workplace is messy, employee's attitudes on the seriousness of the business may deteriorate. Messy workplaces may have employees feel it's their duty to clean it, taking time away from their duties. Messy workplaces can also cause overall distractions.

Commercial cleaning services eliminate messy workplaces and the distractions they cause. Having a clean workplace allows your employees to focus on their duties and what matters to make your business successful.  

Commercial Cleaning Services Increase Morale

When an employee has a clean workplace, they will subconsciously be more productive. This boost to their morale will allow them to work more efficiently. Since COVID-19 entered our lives, employees appreciate the efforts of commercial cleaning services as they understand higher standards of cleaning are being maintained. This higher standard of cleaning makes them feel safer and encourages them to take pride in their work. 

Commercial Cleaning Services Protects Your Equipment and Tools

In our world today, it is vital that equipment and tools used by multiple people be clean to protect each other and reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. All equipment such as copiers, tools, motors, HVAC systems, and all devices are susceptible to carry germs from multiple people using them. 

In normal work situations, aside from the threat of COVID-19, dust and dirt can impact the reliability of equipment. Commercial cleaning services ensure germs are removed as well as equipment is kept clean, which will help extend their life. Clean workplaces reduce your risk of losing productivity from equipment failures or malfunctions.

Commercial Cleaning Services Set a Standard

When you hire commercial cleaning services you are assured to have a clean workplace, which will set a high standard for business or school facility. Having a consistent clean workplace improves the efficiency of work within your business and creates an environment where employees respect your business and you. When you have your employees respect, they are more inclined to contribute to keep their areas clean and reinforce good habits of picking up after themselves. 

Commercial Cleaning Services Improve Customer Impressions

A clean environment where you do business is noticed by the public and your customers. A customer's first impression of your facility is going to be how it looks. With the right commercial cleaning services, this first impression is going to have your customers thinking highly of your business and returning with more business. 

Who Provides Quality Commercial Cleaning Services

Clean Space is a privately owned commercial cleaning service in Central and South Florida. Our business has been providing quality cleaning services with a highly trained staff since 2011. You will receive only the utmost care from our professionals to ensure your facility is clean and disinfected to keep you and your employees safe. 

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