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Educational institutions 

Experts in Creating a Clean and Healthy Learning Environment

Whether pre-school or higher-education or anything in between, educational facilities require janitorial or custodial services that address the high-volume, high-touch environments where the health and safety of students is paramount.


Clean Space can tailor the program for your institution. We are fully compliant with the Healthy Schools Campaign’s Green Clean Schools program.


When we at Clean Space are hired for our school cleaning services either on a regular basis or only a single time, we take that responsibility very seriously. We pay special attention to all of the most vulnerable areas, including the floors, walls, and restrooms, and we only use the very best equipment and tools to clean and polish everything.

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Benefits to Retaining Clean Space School Cleaning Services

There are a large number of benefits to retaining a quality school cleaning service on a regular basis, a few of which are listed below:

  • Students Learn Better - It is a proven fact that education results rise when students are able to learn in a clean environment that is free of dirty and distracting clutter.


  • Improved School Attendance  - Due to the high touch environments in school, we focus on cleaning door handles, desktops and even light switches with anti-microbial green cleaners to ensure that cross contamination is controlled therefore resulting in less sick days.


  • Students Are Safer - The cleaner the environment, the less chance that students will suffer accidents as a result of unsafe or dirty floors or any other factor.


  • Staff Morale Is Higher - As in every industry, the brighter and cleaner the environment, the happier those within it will be. Because teachers and other faculty members spend huge portions of their time within the school walls, it helps if those walls are clean.

One Stop Shop For All of Your Office Cleaning needs

Clean Space allows you to create a service package that will serve your office with every cleaning need. We are one company with many services, our additional Office cleaning services include:

  • Carpet Cleaning

  • Vinyl Strip & Wax

  • Window Cleaning

  • Pressure Cleaning

  • 24 Water Extraction

  • A/C & Dryer Duct Cleaning

  • Specialize Floor Cleaning

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