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Commercial Cleaning Industry Trends 2021

Commercial cleaning industry trends for 2021 can help you create great customer service relations with high-quality work, but some of the tried and true classics should remain in place. According to a study funded by the United States Department of Labor, the commercial cleaning industry has a projected growth of more than 6% in some areas. This same study projects the expected growth is more than 11% in the State of Florida. The anticipation of this new growth means there are expected new commercial cleaning industry trends coming in 2021.

As you prepare for the future, commercial cleaning industry trends can put your services ahead of the competition as they recognize what customers are looking for. Here are some of the commercial cleaning industry trends you can implement into your services.

1. Commercial Cleaning Industry Trends Involve Cleaning for Coronavirus

Almost every industry has changed to some degree with the onset of COVID-19. Whether you are a property manager, school, bank, fitness center, or any type of office setting, cleaning standards to disinfect and prevent the spread of this disease has changed. One of the most significant commercial cleaning industry trends for 2021 is the focus on the cleanliness of all facilities and protection against the Coronavirus.

Commercial cleaning industry trends will include more frequent and more detailed cleaning. These cleaning practices will require more hands-on time than ever before. This trend is not going to go away once the threat of the virus has been minimized, it is most likely to be continued as cleaning protocols that will remain in place.

2. Commercial Cleaning Industry Trends Include Green Cleaning

There is increased attention being given to our climate issues, and the long-lasting impact of products and chemicals we use daily. Green cleaning is another significant commercial cleaning industry trends that will continue to expand. Products for green cleaning are expected to grow to more than $11 billion by the year 2029.

3. Commercial Cleaning Industry Trends Will Offer Services as Add-Ons

Many commercial cleaning companies will be adding services to their existing lists, such as basic facility maintenance, lawn care, window cleaning, or other cleaning tasks. The add-ons are a way of keeping your maintenance needs all with one provider to make it easier to manage and schedule. An all-on-one bundle saves customers time from having to deal with multiple companies and schedules.

4. Commercial Cleaning Industry Trends Include New Software Tools

Software tools play a powerful addition to cleaning companies. These tools allow the company to streamline work orders, change and create bids, manage inspections, track employee performance, and much more. The year 2021 will see more efficient, accurate, faster, and profitable software coming into use in the commercial cleaning industry.

5. Commercial Cleaning Industry Trends for 2021 Involve More Communication with Clients

COVID-19 has changed many aspects of everyone's life. This virus has also impacted how we will clean and sanitize our facilities and also how we communicate with clients. Everyone wants to have assurance on how a cleaning company cleans, what products they use, how their employees are trained, and how frequent areas are being cleaned.

Cleaning companies will now want to have an open and frequent line of conversation with clients so there are no questions or fears about how clean their facility is for employees and themselves. Commercial cleaning industry trends will include detailing their work and making it clear what and how tasks have been performed.

Where to Learn More About Commercial Cleaning Industry Trends

CleanSpace Inc. has been providing commercial cleaning since 2011 in Central and South Florida. We make it our mission to provide your facility with the best and up-to-date cleaning industry trends and provide excellent results. At CleanSpace Inc. our employees display the most professional and best attitude you will find in the industry. We are here to meet your every expectation.

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