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Relevant Case Studies of Cleaning in the Workplace

For many people, most of their waking hours are spent at the workplace. Employees entrust their health and safety to the company they work for and assume measures are taken to protect them.

Many businesses have a cleaning service, to keep their workplace clean, but it typically ends up as a minimal clean, such as quickly vacuuming your floors, and emptying all trash bins. Cleaning in the workplace, especially since we're experiencing the COVID pandemic, should go much deeper and encompass more cleaning of surfaces than just a quick vacuum and empty of trash.

Cleaning in the workplace is critical to remove pathogens, allergens, dust, and dirt for safer breathing space, and deeper cleaning is a necessity to prevent the spread of the virus. There are also safety concerns for you as a business owner when proper cleaning is not performed. These are some relevant case studies where cleaning in the workplace proved to be essential.

  • Restaurant Fined for Health and Safety Offense

    • An environmental health officer visited a restaurant and advised the owners they were to remove tripping hazards and clean up their storeroom. The storeroom was often accessed by staff to retrieve items, such as highchairs or toilet paper, and the condition of the room was unsafe. Upon a return visit and witnessing cleaning in the workplace and removal of hazardous was not completed, the restaurant was fined for health and safety offense. Clean Space, a commercial cleaning service uses the latest in maintenance equipment and could have avoided this situation.

  • Employee Burns Arm Following Slip in the Workplace

    • The result of an employee burning her arm after slipping from the water on the floor could have been prevented. The restaurant had failed to maintain the area, prevent contamination, or provide effective supervision or training that could contribute to slip and fall accidents. The policy of the restaurant had been to cover up slipping hazards with cardboard, which made the tripping hazardous more dangerous. The restaurant faced prosecution and was severely fined for its negligence. Clean Space cleaning services would recognize these dangers and help your facility avoid these dangerous situations.

  • Construction Worker Accidents Due to Improper Housekeeping

    • Tools in the construction industry are often left lying around, as well as cut materials and other debris. These materials create a constant hazard for employees tripping and slipping. To prevent these accidents, cleaning in the workplace needs to be performed daily or several times a day. Having a cleaning service will prevent most or all of these dangerous situations and keep employees safe.

  • Cleaning in the Workplace with EPA Approved Products

    • When you hire a company, such as CleanSpace Inc. for cleaning in the workplace, you have a highly trained cleaning staff who will perform their duties with utmost care and professionalism. Cleaning products are important, especially disinfectants with the threat of spreading the virus in the workplace. The products used can present health and environmental concerns if not EPA approved, so care is needed when selecting these materials. CleanSpace Inc. uses Green cleaning practices to protect both your employees and your environment.

Where to Find Quality Company for Cleaning in the Workplace

If your facility is looking for quality, reliable cleaning in the workplace, contact CleanSpace Inc. Our services are unmatched in the industry and will ensure your shopping mall, HOA, parking lot, or any other type of facility or property are the cleanest, safest areas possible.

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