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Janitorial Services Technologies

The cleaning industry has changed significantly. No longer will you see feather dusters, rags, mops, and buckets of dirty water. There are no longer any sticky notes or bottles of polish. Today, janitorial services use technology to automate the manual approach for cleaning professionals.

New technology is advancing janitorial services to make them more manageable, more proficient, and accessible. The cleaning industry has undergone some very new changes using innovative tools and processes that are changing the way a company's owner manages their business. These are some of the new technologies being used in the cleaning industry.

Data and Metric Use

One significant new technology being used in janitorial services is data and metrics to improve operations. These uses provide up-to-the-minute information on supplies and schedules. It can also be used to provide a longer-term analysis of trends or patterns across the business. The janitorial services are experiencing tremendous benefits by feeding their data back into their process.

Software used in data and metrics saves a janitorial service effort, money, and time. The workplace data generated through the software creates management solutions and gives the team the capability to track their activities. This information can analyze, determine solutions to pain-point problems, and prevent issues before they occur.


Technology in janitorial services includes the use of robotics. There are janitorial robots, which are fully teachable and can remove the more tedious tasks expected from the cleaning staff. These robots allow the cleaning staff time to do a more thorough cleaning or more complex jobs. The robots are designed to clean the large surfaces that would take cleaning staff members hours to clean.

It is expected janitorial services or cleaning jobs will decrease ten percent by the year 2028. Embracing automation with management software and robotic technology may become a necessity rather than a luxury.

The Changes Responsible for Changes in Janitorial Services

Office spaces are evolving as they are no longer the traditional individual office environment, but more the open-space office. Open space offices eliminate the cubicles, which were so common in the 90s.

Along with the look changing in the office, so are the work times. The nine to five office worker has almost disappeared. In some office environments, the manager doesn't request a day cleaning as there can be staff on duty twenty-four hours. This change means cleaning will be needed even when employees are still working.

Because of these new changes, janitorial services have had to use technology to change the equipment being used for cleaning:

  • Machines, especially carpet cleaners, need to operate much quieter

  • Apps are now used to indicate or sense where supplies or services are needed in a facility

  • Engineered water cleaning systems are replacing traditional chemicals. These systems electronically create cleaning solutions

  • Vacuum cleaners are now being designed with a more comprehensive cleaning path. These machines have the capability to clean and maneuver large office areas or group work settings

  • Battery operated equipment is now being designed with longer-lasting batteries for better versatility

It takes a continuous effort to keep janitorial services at the top of the game. New technologies continue to improve cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and environmental consciousness. New technology and innovations keep the cleaning industry moving at a faster pace and provide better services.

Where to Find Reliable Janitorial Services

CleanSpace Inc. offers numerous cleaning services. We use the newest equipment, porter service techniques, and commercial cleaning supplies to clean corporate buildings, shopping centers, small businesses, high rises, and more. We can provide you porter services for your parking lot maintenance, homeowner association services, or light building cleaning.

CleanSpace Inc. provides the best cleaning services with a promise to meet your expectations fully. Our trained cleaning staff is comprised of individuals who will give you their utmost care and deliver excellent results.

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